What Is AIMS?

In 1960 our founder and President, Sally Willington, wrote to a national newspaper about her distressing antenatal and birth experience. A deluge of complaints from other women followed, and AIMS was born.

AIMS' members - parents, midwives, doctors and other health professionals - are drawn from all over Britain and Ireland, as well as abroad. There are AIMS contacts throughout the country who support each other and campaign on national and local issues.

AIMS publishes a well-respected and widely read quarterly journal which focuses on current issues in maternity care, gives news about ongoing campaigns, and analyses the latest research. It also includes readers’ views and stories, book and video reviews, and conference reports from around the country. The journal spearheads lively and informed discussion about change and development in the maternity services. Parents and professionals alike find it an excellent source of information.

AIMS Supports Parents

AIMS receives thousands of letters and telephone calls each year from individual women and couples. We reply with emotional support and encouragment as well as informtion about choices and rights. We collect data and publish a wide range of leaflets and booklets which enable parents to make informed decisions concerning every aspect of their maternity care.

AIMS Supports Professionals

As a campaigning pressure group we strongly believe that changes for women in childbirth come about as a result of supporting midwives as practitioners in their own right, who, in most cases, should undertake the care of mothers and babies throughout pregnancy, birth and afterwards. We support midwives enabling them to support mothers and babies in their care. We work closely with the Association of Radical Midwives (ARM) and have membership of a number of influential national and international committees and groups

AIMS Needs Your Support

AIMS is a volunteer organisation. With the help of a three year lottery grant, we are producing more publications, training more volunteers and improving publicity. This will ensure our future, but we still need your support in terms of membership, subscription and purchasing our publications. Please hand this leaflet to someone else if you don't need it.

Many improvements in maternity care have come about as a result of constant pressure and campaigning by user groups. If AIMS has helped you, then please help us.

Please send a donation and join AIMS so that we can continue to fight for improved maternity care for all women, and continue to help people like yourself.

Read about our past and present campaigns.

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