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The Impact on Women and their Families of The NMC's decision on Midwives and Indemnity Insurance - April 2017
The decision by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) that Independent Midwives UK’s (IMUK) insurance was inadequate in January 2017 resulted in the withdrawal of Independent Midwifery services to a number of women. This report provides information on the immediate impact of that decision.

Statement on the proposed ‘Named Person for Every Child’ scheme. - August 2016
The available evidence suggests that the proposed intervention could result in harmful outcomes. We are seriously concerned that the proposed scheme in Scotland would undermine families and divert resources that would otherwise go to supporting families in need. We ask the Scottish Government to conduct randomised trials before setting up a scheme that could fundamentally change the relationship between parents and the state.

Scathing Public Accounts committee Report on Maternity Care - 31st January 2014
The Public Accounts Committee found there was a national shortage of 2,300 midwives and said many maternity units were "running at a loss". In a scathing report about maternity care the committee reported rates of infection among new mothers and the baby as well as injury to the newborn "are all higher at the weekend".

NMC take 6 years to find midwife not guilty - 15th November 2013
The NMC Conduct and Competence Committee meeting, on the 14th November 2013, found midwife Julia Duthie’s fitness to practise was not impaired; finally exonerating her after she was initially suspended in September 2007

Birthplace In England study - 25th November 2011
Perinatal and maternal outcomes by planned place of birth for healthy women with low risk pregnancies:
The Birthplace in England national prospective cohort study

Campaign - Uphold the Absolute Right for Women to Give Birth at Home - 4th November 2011
Following press discussion of women's right to have a caesarean, we are campaigning for their right to have a home birth to be upheld

AIMS Ireland Press Release - 7th April 2010
Nearly a quarter of women found the care they received in the Irish Maternity System after they gave birth to be 'poor'

Press Release - 10th December 2009 - LIES, DAMNED LIES AND DOCTORS' OPINIONS.

Press Release - 7th December 2009 - Safety of disadvantaged women and babies is threatened by King's closure of the Albany Midwifery Practice.

Obituary - Founder and President of AIMS; Sally Willington 1931 - 2008

Press Release - 21st May 2008 - The punitive way child "protection" is practised in the UK may be doing more harm than good.

News Flash - 19th December 2007 - Leading obstretrician and childbirth activist go head to head
Peter Boylan and Beverley Beech will go head to head today in discussion of his recent book - The Irish Pregnancy Book

Press Release - 29th January 2007 - Babies are being snatched for adoption - John Hemming is right

Nursing and Midwifery Council Circular - 13th March 2006 - Midwives and Homebirth

Press Release - 3rd July 2005 - One Mother, One Midwife

Press Release - 1st October 2004 - Health Visitors to assess mothers

Press Release - 2nd August 2004 - False child abuse allegations

21st-century midwifery: NHS community midwifery models - the department of health are considering a new model of care proposed by the Independent Midwives Association

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