Please help with Fundraising for AIMS

AIMS started in 1960 looking for improvements in the way in which women are cared for when having a baby. Since then we have helped thousands of women - hence our 'strapline':

There for your mother
Here for you
Help us to be there for your daughters.

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Why we are asking for your help NOW

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We have no employees and no premises. Our work is mainly carried out by volunteers, although we regularly pay for some things to be done for us such as printing, typesetting and mailing publications. So, although we keep our cost very low, we do rely on our membership subscriptions, publication sales, events and donations to cover all we do.

So, in order for AIMS to be able to do more as a charity we are going to need help to raise money to fund them.

New AIMS Website

Currently, our focus is to raise money for a new website. The current website does not work well with new technology and we want everyone to have easy access to well researched, documented evidence of all aspects of pregnancy and birth. Our old website has served us well for nearly two decades, but we desperately need a new one that will be user friendly, more attractive and accessible to a wider audience; in particular, families who are experiencing maternity care for the first time.

We want the AIMS website to be - The Website for Pregnancy and Birth Information - The place for women to find the information they need to plan and achieve the kind of birth they want; and deserve!

For this project we are using a crowd-sourcing page hoping to raise the 6000 by March 2016

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A Collection of Fundraising Ideas

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Giving up a little of your spare time to raise funds for AIMS can be really rewarding. So, however you want to help, we hope that the following ideas will give you inspiration! If you need more information or help please email

  • Coffee Morning, Afternoon Tea, Wine Evening
  • Offer a service or skill
  • Ask the children to fundraise for you
  • Events
  • Sweepstake ....on Twitter or Facebook
  • Sponsorship

    The one idea on this list which has the potential to raise hundreds of pounds is being sponsored - in particular to do something VERY daring like a parachute jump, or something VERY energetic like a cycle ride or a marathon. If you don't fancy it yourself, maybe another member of your family or a good friend would do it for you! AIMS will help with your publicity.

  • Share or Teach a skill
  • Host a home shopping party and donate commission on your sales


    We can't wait to hear about your fundraising! Please do email and let us know what you have planned, how it went or for support.

    We have set up a giving site to collect the proceeds of your hard work.

    There are three ways that you can use this site.

    1. To Donate To make a donation toward the website - click on crowd-sourcing page and follow the instructions, or to make a general donation to AIMS just click on "Donate Now".
    2. Start fundraising - create a fundraising page for your own event or challenge letting your sponsors know what you are doing for AIMS. Then let your friends and collegues know about your event, so they can support you to support AIMS.
    3. Sponsor a fundraiser who is raising money for AIMS.
      You will be able to see who is raising money for AIMS on our page, and then you can support them, and ask others to support them.

    Please don't forget to tick the Gift Aid box if you are eligible and share on Facebook and Twitter

    Don't forget to tell us how it went! We would love to hear about it so please tell us your story and send any photos to


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