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AIMS has been campaigning for improvements in the maternity services for over 50 years. For the highlight of what we have achieved over the years please see 50 years' campaigning

If you want to join us and make a difference, please register with our campaign network

Currently AIMS is supporting the following campaigns, please consider where you may be able to help and share the link to this page ( with others

A Midwife for Me and My Baby

Join AIMS, NCT, ARM, IMUK, The Birth I Want, Birthrights and others in campaigning for:

We want every woman to have a midwife who she can get to know and trust, who can support her through her pregnancy, birth and beyond, regardless of her circumstances or where her baby is to be born.

Please take the time to have a look at the M4M website, see what the manifesto says, subscribe to the newsletter, pledge you support, 'deliver a baby' to your MP, check that organisations that you belong to are supporting the campaign. We need your help to make one-to-one care a reality for more women, and for it to be a realistic way for more midwives to work

Defend Independent Midwifery;
Otherwise in October this year we will lose it.

Find out why independent midwifery is under threat and how you can take part in the fight for its survival.

Find out more

Justice for Becky Reed;
Support Becky during this second set of NMC hearings

The internationally respected midwife is again being called up in front of the NMC, please read about her situation and see how you can lend your support

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No homebirth service in your local area?
We can help you raise awareness through your local media

If you know of women who are struggling to get support for a homebirth in your area we would like to support and encourage you to highlight this in your local press. We have put together a template and short guide on how to do it.

Find out more

Should maternity services be better in your area;
We can help you press for change.

More information available soon; join the campaign network and we will keep you updated.

AIMS makes information and articles freely available on its website as a public service. We also provide advice and support to parents and professionals at no charge. We receive no government or charitable funding, and rely solely on donations, membership subscriptions and the efforts of our volunteers. Please help AIMS to help others by joining AIMS or making a donation.


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